Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What is Content Management?

Wikipedia says:

"Content Management, also known as CM, is a set of processes and technologies supporting the evolutionary life cycle of digital information. This digital information is often referred to as content or, to be precise, digital content."

I say that Content Management ranges from using something as simple as, using version control like Source Safe, CVS, and Subversion, or using something complex/enterprise like Interwoven TeamSite or Blue Martini to maintain a website.

Good Content Management is relative to the website and the needs of people updating/managing it. I believe a good Content Management system will allow the necessary people to easily update what they need to update when they need to do it so that the website changes when they need it to. This good Content Management system should also keep logs of every transaction and be able to roll back to any production moment in time.

Good luck hunting for now.