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Logan.WS / Articles / Best Greek Food Comes to Mt Kisco

Best Greek Food Comes to Mt Kisco

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Lefteris Gyro
Consulting by Logan
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Lefteris Gyro has been feeding people the best Greek food in Westchester for a while now. It can be found by following the lines of people spilling into Broadway and Main St in Tarrytown, NY. Lefteris Gyro has a small dining room but the big portions for the cheap price is worth the wait.

Recently, Lefteris Gyro has opened up Lefteris Gyro II in Mt Kisco. Now there are two great Greek restaurants in Westchester County, NY.

Logan hasn't eaten in the new Mt Kisco gyro place, but if the food there is half as good as the food in the Tarrytown Lefteris, then it will also have lines out into the street. Lefteris Gyro II in Mt Kisco is supposedly bigger than Lefteris Gyro in Tarrytown, but Logan hears it is already filling up without too much press. Maybe you will see Logan there in Mt Kisco. Most likely you will see him eating a Gyro Platter.

Both Lefteris Gyros share a website, www.lefterisgyro.com, designed and built by Logan. The new menu, address, and directions have been added for Lefteris Gyro II.

Posted: September 10, 2005

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