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Funny and Memorable Quotes Feed
Logan Website Feed
What is RSS? Depending on who you talk to it could mean Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. Logan says "Potatoes, Potatoes." Ofcourse if you heard Logan say that last quote the potatoes would sound different. Normally RSS is paired with the word feed as in RSS feed. A RSS feed is something that a site or blog can supply a user with so that the user can keep track of updates in feed/news readers, Google Desktop, or web pages like my.yahoo.com.

The Logan Website has 2 feeds:

Logan Website Feed - Updates of Logan articles, flash games, and quotes.

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Funny and Memorable Quotes - A feed just of quotes collected by Logan.

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Feeds from some of Logan's Blogs:

Content Management World - A blog that talks about Content Management.
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The Logan MySpace Blog - More updates in the world of Logan.
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Feeds from sites worked on by Logan:

Oskar Logan Pictures - Funny Dog Pictures of Oskar Logan.
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Sempre Bella Jewelry New Products - Beautiful new products from Sempre Bella Jewelry.
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Posted: January 24, 2007

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