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Logan.WS / Articles / Featured Company: House of Beaufort

Featured Company: House of Beaufort

A company built with soul, heart, and a love of the land.

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House of Beaufort
Rain Created for Living - Pandora's Box Four division gift box with handmade candles and soap
House of Beaufort, a young and vibrant company, specializes in the import of handcrafted goods primarily from Southern Africa. In an age of mechanization and mass production, one can easily forget the wonderful products of the highest quality that are still crafted entirely by hand, often by people who still live close to the land.

The vision of House of Beaufort is to offer a portfolio of handcrafted yet sophisticated, natural and organic products, while being conscious of the environment and providing an essential benefit to the underprivileged people from where the products originate. The products are from the land and by the people whose communities have remain simple in an increasingly technological world. People who have the time and dedication to ensure crafted products of the highest quality and sophistication.

Pursuing this vision, has provided a source of income for whole communities of people and a means of development in many impoverished areas, or simply provided income for local artisans - enriching all their lives as the end user is enriched by the products they use.

The House of Beaufort portfolio includes:

The Gordonsbury Collection - an exquisite range of baby linens and layettes, hand embroidered with astonishing skill by the women from the Mashona tribe in Zimbabwe.
The Gordonsbury Furniture Collection - a range of locally handcrafted, solid wood children’s furniture with hand painted designs.
Rain Created for Living and Rain African Spa - a range of all natural bath and spa products from South Africa, beautifully presented in unique gift packs, all crafted by hand.
Ashanti from South Africa - a range of delicately carved, hand painted ostrich eggshell bowls, lighting pieces and other décor items.

Experience exquisite products from a forgotten art - Visit House of Beaufort at www.hbfhome.com or telephone (914)241-0303.

Posted: November 20, 2006

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