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Logan.WS / Articles / Logan at the Comedy Cellar

Logan at the Comedy Cellar

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Logan and Keith Robinson with Ben Bailey on the side
No, Logan didn't perform at the Comedy Cellar but he was there. On Wednesday, August 2nd, he was there to celebrate a friends birthday who actually waitresses at the Comedy Cellar. Besides the funny comedy, the night was topped off by Logan's friend sharing the secret of the Comedy Cellar. Most of the comics hang out at the bar above the Comedy Cellar while waiting to go on and to just chill after their performance.

For those of you who don't know the Comedy Cellar, it is a great comedy club in the Village of New York City. You go down some stairs of the street into this small dungeon where they pack you in like sardines. There are seats where you are facing away from the comic and even some seats behind a pole. If you show up early to the show you can choose your seat with hopefully a good view.

Logan has been there before but this show seemed the best. The show started off with the host for the night, Marina Franklin. She was funny and the thing that made the night was that she had claimed to forgot the name of the friend who works there and built it into her act.

The first act of the night was Keith Robinson. He has been seen on Comedy Central's Tough Crowd and has been the host a bunch of times at the Comedy Cellar. Logan has always enjoyed watching Keith at the Comedy Cellar the bunch of times he has seen him there. After the shows Logan got to meet Keith and got his picture taken with him.

The second act of the night was Gregg Rogell who has been seen on the Conan O'Brien Show, Comedy Central's Trough Crowd, and the Tonight Show. Logan enjoyed Gregg's set which isn't surprising since he had seen Gregg at the Comedy Cellar a couple of times before. Logan tries to collect funny quotes from funny movies and especially comics but has a hard time at comedy clubs. The crowd gets bombarded with jokes that Logan has trouble remembering any of them even though he had a great time. The one quote/joke that Logan got out of the night was Gregg's since he tried to remember it from a previous performance.

Gregg: ... if you are attacking America and you hit North Dakota ... face it, you've missed ...

Logan isn't 100% sure of the exact wording of the quote but it is probably pretty close.

The third comedian was Jim Norton from HBO's Lucky Louie, The Opie & Anthony Radio Show, and Comedy Central's Tough Crowd. He also was good as normal.

The fourth comedian was Ben Bailey who has been seen on Discovery Channel's Cash Cab, ABC's One Life to Live, Hope & Faith, Law & Order, the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, the Tonight Show, and the movie Bad Meat. Logan had actually never heard of Ben before but thought that Ben was the best act of the night. He is a really funny guy. Ben is about 8 feet tall plus or minus some exaggeration and he starts off his act making fun of his height. His head is only a couple of inches from the low Comedy Cellar ceiling. He continues to talk about how he stopped doing his pogo stick act, how we should go to a taller club but only after we make sure he is going there otherwise we would be like, we have gone to a taller club and he isn't even here. Ben then continues to say that he doesn't even have a pogo stick joke and then admits that we have already heard it. Obviously the bunch of jokes can't be done justice written down and without exact wording. Logan was able to shake Ben's hand after the show in the bar upstairs from the Comedy Cellar. If you look at the picture with Logan and Keith Robinson, you will see Ben on the right in the background.

The fifth comedian was supposed to be Colin Quinn but his act was switched to the next show with Maz Jobrani who has been seen in the movie 13 Going on 30, HBO's Curb your Enthusiasm, the movie Friday After Next, and Fox's 24. To tell you the truth, Logan thought that this performance was the worst of the night and was disappointed to miss Colin Quinn.

The last comedian of the night was Robert Kelly who has been seen in HBO's Tourgasm with Dane Cook, ABC's The Job, Comedy Central's Tough Crowd, and Premium Blend. Robert had a really good act.

Logan had tons of fun during the whole show and found himself tearing at multiple times during the show. After the show upstairs, Logan was star struck being close to the comedians and even getting introduced to some. Logan plans on going back when his friend is working many times in the future.

Posted: August 13, 2006

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