Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Support for Interwoven Products

Interwoven is a company that puts out Enterprise Content Management tools. Some of these tools are: TeamSite, WorkSite, Media Bin, OpenDeploy (now with DataDeploy), LiveSite, Meta Tagger, ControlHub, and RecordsManager.

Even though Interwoven has a lot of products, it has tons of support out there. The two main places to look are the Interwoven Support Site and Interwoven DevNet. The official support site requires that you are working for a Interwoven customer. That is ok because the better of the sites is DevNet which allows anyone to join, read, and contribute. DevNet is supported by a bunch of developers that use Interwoven products in addition to Interwoven employees. It isn't often when I can't have my problem figured out by someone on DevNet. A third option for support is this website right here. There isn't much now, but you can email me at contentman@logan.ws if you have any questions about any Interwoven products or other content management info.