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500 Funny and Memorable Quotes

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Logan Editorial Archive
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It is a time for celebration. Some are celebrating the New Year coming up but others are celebrating the 500th quote of Funny and Memorable quotes. Well, not sure if anyone is celebrating but Logan thinks it is quite the accomplishment.

Although the dates in the Funny and Memorable Quotes RSS feed might disagree, Funny and Memorable Quotes, or Remembered Quotes of the Moment as they were called at the time, started appearing on the Logan Website more than 4 years ago in Oct/Nov of 2003. Records of when quotes were put onto the site weren't that good back then and some of the historical dates were fudged when the RSS Feed launched. The first quote that was posted was by Homer Simpson of the TV cartoon, The Simpsons. Since then, 500 quotes have been posted on more than 100 pages of at least 75 different categories of quotes by more than 250 people from more than 120 known sources with more than 850 lines.

In the beginning quotes were only put on the Logan Website homepage without showing past quotes. Eventually past quotes were added but updated manually by updating the html code of both the homepage and quote pages separately. Today all the Funny and Memorable quotes are stored in a database so that when quotes are updated and added from one place, the changes show up everywhere they need to be.

Before the Funny and Memorable quotes were transferred into a database, quotes weren't separated into different lines or by different people which didn't leave the best readable quality. It wasn't until Logan read a comment to a post on Digg.com saying "the layout is miserable. If the quote consists of a dialog between people, make it look like that" that Logan decided to change the format of the quotes.

Some successes include highly visited pages like Dane Cook Quotes, Grey's Anatomy Quotes, Will Ferrell Quotes, Evan Esar Quotes and more. The latest feature added to the Funny and Memorable Quotes pages was dynamic related quote links. The next feature being worked on is a way to rate quotes and email them to friends.

Posted: December 31, 2007

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