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Logan and Jill
Logan and his fiancée went for engagement photos. For those that didn't know it, Logan is getting married. He got engaged back in June of last year during a trip to Rome, Italy. Here is the engagement story.

Of the planning for the upcoming wedding this year, Logan hasn't really done much. His fiancée is handling most of the details and Logan is just trying to stay out of the way. There is one thing that Logan did have a part of in the planning, and that was finding the photographer, Dan Stockfield.
Well, Logan got lucky and Dan is a friend of one of his co-workers and got a good recommendation.

Even though Logan doesn't have much experience with wedding photographers, Dan Stockfield seems like he is one that stands out. Dan's main priority in the whole process so far has been to make sure Logan and his fiancée get what they want. One of Dan's beliefs is that if he makes you happy and less stressed on a day where lots can go wrong, he will get referrals from your friends. Dan does this by supplying tons of wedding tips, referrals to services that will give you a discount if you mention Dan, and by allowing you to customize your wedding photo plan.

One perk that Dan gives is a free engagement photo session including a photo touch up. He does this so that the couple getting married feels comfortable with him and he can be prepared for things on the wedding day like Logan blinks a lot during planned photos and can't smile on cue. Logan and fiancée definitely feel more comfortable with Dan after this session. Dan with his sense of humor was able to make them feel comfortable and smiling at the right times. Dan's expertise in photography takes over from there making sure the lighting is correct to get eye colors shining and hair glistening. Dan was also able to remove a shrinking but not gone yet zit from Logan's forehead with his touch up skills.

When the session was done Logan got a CD with all the pictures taken including the touched up pictures. Here is a bigger version of the photo.

Posted: March 21, 2007

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