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Rome Proposal Story

The Beginning
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The Love Birds
So Logan had decided to propose to his girlfriend Jill after being together over 2 loving years.

After thinking about it for a while, Logan got an opportunity that he couldn't pass up. Jill was in Florida on business and Jill's Mom and sister were away out of the country leaving Jill's Dad home alone. Jokingly Logan suggested to Jill that he take her Dad out to dinner since they both were home alone and she thought it was a great idea. Logan called Jill's Dad up and asked, "Where are you taking me out to dinner tonight?" Logan then explained the current situation with them both being home alone and Jill's Dad eventually said they should meet at his house and go over together to
his favorite restaurant in Irvington. It was definitely nerve wrecking but Logan waited until after dinner while they were having coffee. Logan mentioned that he had an ulterior motive for asking Jill's Dad to dinner and said something like, "would it be ok if I marry your daughter?" Jill's Dad looked serious at first and then said yes with a little chuckle. They continued to discuss future plans which were way over Logan's thoughts not believing he had gone through with what he did. Jill's Dad promises not to tell anyone which for him is a big deal.

After following up on some suggestions for jewelers from Jill's Dad and Logan's good friend Brian, Logan had 2 appointments for the end of the week. The first jeweler appointment went through every step and part of the ring process how Logan would be able to see everything before putting a lot of money down and got estimates for everything. The second jeweler appointment went against all ring shopping suggestions online and forced Logan to trust the jeweler and put money down after setting specific guidelines to every piece of the ring. Logan tells Brian, the second person to know, about the down payment on a ring so that he knows not to tell anyone. Later on Logan found out that Brian told his parents about the proposal plan making the people knowing the plan up to 4.

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