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Logan.WS / Articles / Logan at Rachael Ray Show Taping

Logan at Rachael Ray Show Taping

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Logan went to a Rachael Ray Show taping. For those of you hiding in a cave the last couple of years, Rachael Ray is a cook from the Food Network famous for 30 Minute Meals and $40 a day. Last year she joined up with Reader's Digest and put out a magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray. Along with the magazine, Reader's Digest put out RachaelRayMag.com on which Logan is a lead web developer.

Today, September 18th, Rachael Ray aired her new TV show, the Rachael Ray Show. This new show is a talk show and is partly produced by Oprah. The main guest for tomorrow's show is actually Oprah.

On August 22nd, Logan went to the first real taping of the Rachael Ray Show. Apparently the shows that were taped before this date were only for practice but a good amount of them turned out good and could get aired on TV. Even though the audience members of the talk show are supposed to show up early for the morning taping of the show so that they can go through security, Logan was able to skip all the lines and was escorted on the set first. He luckily was able to go with his boss who apparently has some good connections. When escorted onto the set, Logan noticed that the Rachael Ray Show staff paid great attention to what they were wearing. It looked like they then started to seat people based on the colors and shininess of the audience members' clothing. This was all fascinating being Logan's first live audience event.

The audience area seemed small to what Logan had imaged a studio audience size would be. There were probably about 150 chairs on this round platform. The platform was round because it actually spun depending on what set Rachael was in. There were 4 or 5 different sets in all 360 degrees around the audience. From almost the second they sat down to the time they left, the audience was entertained to be kept in good spirits. A funny comedian, RC Smith, was the guy who was in charge of audience's spirit. He told jokes, made fun of the audience, got the audience to tell stories, and dance around for prizes. Rachael and RC joked around together, sometimes at the expense of Martha Stewart. A couple of times RC would raise his hand and say something like, "who thought Rachael was sweet and innocent?" Logan was always surprised when he was one of the few raising his hand.

When Rachael come out she was her spunky and fun self. Even during show technical difficulties she would hang around and talk to the crowd and RC. It seemed like she was getting the hang of the talk show thing. She didn't have to retake many lines. Some of the times she had to redo a section because they didn't have the right camera angle for the first take.

Unfortunately the audience that Logan was in didn't get to see any celebrities with Rachael. For that taping of the show, Rachael had a pre-recorded segment with the cast of the TV show, Las Vegas, on their set in Los Angeles. In the studio Rachael had a dog that could play poker and some penguins. Rachael gave tips on what to keep and throw away in a freezer and cooked food at the end. Another unfortunate thing was that Logan didn't get to try any of Rachael's cooking. A few members of the audience did get to try Rachael's food but most of them were Rachael's In-Laws.

It doesn't look like Logan's show made it into the first week of shows but keep an eye out for Las Vegas, a dog playing poker, and a segment almost missed in this article, a zoo cookoff for some polar bears.

Posted: September 18, 2006

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