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Picture of Sedu Hair Styles

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Sedu Iron
The first question on some people's minds might be, what is a sedu hair style? Logan is definately new to sedu but lots of people aren't including celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer, from the TV sitcom Friends, is famous for her Sedu hair styles and probably helped start the craze. You can't see a sedu picture without thinking of Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston Sedu Pictures

Sedu hairstyles are created with a sedu iron. This type of iron normally contains ceramic and allows you to straighten your hair quickly and easier than other irons.

Here is a couple of pictures of sedu hair styles:

Picture of Sedu Hair Styles Picture of Sedu Hair Styles

Pick up your own Sedu Iron and style your hair like Jennifer Aniston.

Posted: March 11, 2006

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