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Remembering 9/11

Needed in Sleepy Hollow
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Needed in Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow Fire Dept patch
Now, the early morning of the 16th, not far back on the road, the crew including Logan got word that there was a reported structure fire back in Sleepy Hollow. Even though they had seen devastation down at ground zero, Logan hadn't feared for his life at all until this ride back to Sleepy Hollow. The road they were speeding down was the West Side Highway which is a very winding road. The brakes of the utility truck weren't that good and whenever a turn came up the people in the back seat including Logan would shift to one side while the tires would make loud grinding noises accompanied by a heavy shaking.

After quickly making it back to Sleepy Hollow, they found that 16 Andrews Lane was on fire. Along with ground zero being a big first in Logan's book, this fire was Logan's first fire. They were there just in time when they pulled someone out of the building. Even though CPR was done on the guy and he was taken to the hospital, he didn't make it.

Since Logan was new, he helped out mainly on the fire ground at first. Later on, he got to go inside as part of a team checking out the top floor. Logan eventually was backing someone up on a hose before they were all eventually called out of the house.

Overall the week had been a memorable one. Logan was part of another crew that went down to ground zero but during that trip they didn't get to help much since the heavy machinery was mainly being used. The ride back was also uneventful.

Posted: September 10, 2006

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