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Remembering 9/11

The Stories
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Tragedy Hits
The Stories
Down at Ground Zero
Needed in Sleepy Hollow
Plane Hits World Trade Center on 9/11
While Logan was stationed in Sleepy Hollow, the rest of the department was moved around a lot and eventually made it down to the Bronx a couple of days to cover for the trucks that were sent down to Ground Zero. At least one of the days, Sleepy Hollow was stationed with a truck or two from Yonkers, NY in one of the Bronx fire houses. As it isn't a secret to everyone, a lot of paid fire departments don't like volunteer fire departments and Yonkers is on the top of the list that fuels this fire. Supposedly even under the bad circumstances, the Yonkers crew was giving Sleepy Hollow a hard time about being there. The nonsense was finally stopped when a
Bronx firefighter stated something to the point that Yonkers could go home and that they greatly appreciated Sleepy Hollow for being there. The silliness about a lot of the fight between paid and volunteer firefighters is that a lot of paid firefighters are volunteers back in their home towns.

People Logan knew had been down at ground zero and the stories were horrible. There were stories of people jumping from the towers before they collapsed. There were stories of people being trapped and crushed when the towers fell. People Logan knew were right in the middle of ground zero digging through the wreckage for survivors and body parts.

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