Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stellent Acquires SealedMedia and Bitform

Last week, Stellent announced it has staked a leadership claim in the content security market by acquiring SealedMedia Limited, the world leader in easy-to-use, enterprise digital rights management solutions, and Bitform, a provider of content cleansing technologies. As a content management and compliance technology provider, it is a logical extension for Stellent to provide customers with additional capabilities for minimizing content risk and maximizing content security.

Stellent plans to integrate the SealedMedia and Bitform technologies within the company's enterprise software products. With these content security capabilities, Stellent customers will be able to better secure and control sensitive content both inside and outside of the enterprise. Brief descriptions of SealedMedia and Bitform technologies include:

  • SealedMedia -- SealedMedia's enterprise digital rights management technology helps organizations maintain complete control, for the lifetime of the document, over who can use their most sensitive information and when they can use it. Its solutions address content security and compliance risk, giving customers control over when, where and how information is used and by whom -- even after it has been delivered.
  • Bitform -- Bitform's content cleansing technology helps mitigate information security risks by stripping files of sensitive, confidential or proprietary information. By integrating Bitform's technology within its ECM products, Stellent will enable customers to automatically or manually ensure final, published documents are clean and accurate. Bitform Secure SDK's support for automated, policy-driven document analysis and cleansing also will enhance Stellent's records management and compliance applications.
To further communicate the value proposition these acquisitions hold for Stellent customers and prospective customers, the company has developed a Content Security eSeminar Series. Please attend these brief online events running throughout August to learn how Stellent's content security capabilities can have a powerful impact across an organization. Visit to register for the seminars and receive additional information about these exciting new additions to the Stellent product offering.