Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Interwoven TeamSite

Interwoven TeamSite is one of the leading Enterprise Content Managerment Systems out there. I have worked with TeamSite for over 4 years from version 4.5.1 all the way to our current version of 6.1 at Reader's Digest. Reader's Digest uses TeamSite to host over 30 sites internationaly and allows for editors all over the world to update their sites. TeamSite is also being used as the main source control system for java, jsp, jhtml, html, and many other other types of development and media files. The latest of Reader's Digest's sites that is now contained inside TeamSite is its website for its new magazine with Rachael Ray, Every Day with Rachael Ray.

TeamSite has come a long way over the years I have worked with it. TeamSite was very buggy where I had to restart the server a couple times a week while now our Solaris machine doesn't need to be rebooted except for a couple times a year. One good thing about TeamSite is that you could always do a lot with it. A bad thing about it is that most of what you want to do has to be customized to do so. In the past, all these customizations would be lost as you upgraded TeamSite. Interwoven has learned from its mistakes and has allowed the customizations to be kept separate and alive as you upgrade. One problem that Interwoven has had over the years and still has trouble with is the user interface of TeamSite. TeamSite is far from the friendly applications that Microsoft puts out there. One really good thing about Interwoven is their award winning development site call DevNet. DevNet has a big community of TeamSite nerds that go to any length to show their supreme knowledge and help you solve your problems.

Other Interwoven products that I have worked with are:

  • Interwoven OpenDeploy
  • Interwoven DataDeploy
  • Interwoven Teamplating (now Forms Publisher)