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Rome Proposal Story

The Moment
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Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona
After Logan almost got them lost, Jill got them to Piazza Navona. They picked one of the many restaurants to eat dinner. The food there and all places in Rome was awesome and the bottle of wine shared definitely didn't hurt the nerves. Jill commented at least once on how Logan was acting strange but Logan convinced her that he was just tired from the long day of touring they had. Jill mentions how she wants to walk around and look at some of the paintings being sold in the middle of the piazza after dinner, falling right into Logan's plan. Logan makes an exit to the bathroom before they leave the restaurant so that he can take the ring out of the secret hiding place and put it more readily available in his pocket. The ring only bounces once on the bathroom floor but didn't go near the toilet.

After over tipping the waiter and Jill pointing it out to Logan, they start to walk into the crowded fountain and restaurant lit piazza. After walking near the center fountain (Fountain of the Four Rivers) in the piazza, Logan recommends sitting a second in at the fountain. Since there are already people sitting at the fountain in front of them Logan has to lead Jill to a free part. Jill asked where he was taking her and he reminded her of the plan to sit at the fountain. Sitting on a thin metal railing in front of the fountain, both Jill and Logan looked around kind of awkwardly. Jill was on Logan's right hand side with her left hand in Logan's right hand. After fidgeting a bit hiding the fact he was checking on the ring by pretending to scratch his leg, Logan mumbles something that he still doesn't remember to this day. Jill not understanding the gibberish asks Logan what he wanted.

Then in a magical moment all at once Logan pivots so that he is on one knee still holding Jill's left hand in his right. At the same time Logan whips out the ring with his left hand and slides it smoothly onto the correct finger of Jill. While all this is happening Logan states that he wanted to know if she would marry him. The whole moment happened so fast and smooth that it is a blur to Logan. Jill did a couple rounds of looking at her hand to looking at Logan to looking at the ring again. With a what placed here and there she finally kissed Logan. Logan then remembers asking, "Is that a yes?" She exclaimed that it was a yes and they both sat there a little bit in shock. The plan of walking around looking at paintings had been interrupted and Jill and Logan rushed back to the hotel. Jill alternated saying that she thought she was going to throw up with her thinking she was going to pee her pants while Logan rambled on speaking nonsense at a mile a minute. Logan had felt a little bile in the back of his throat but mainly was feeling relieved that the surprise wasn't ruined and the ring wasn't lost or stolen. When Jill and Logan made it back to the hotel in record times they found Jill's parents in the bar where they toasted the newly engaged couple.

Posted: July 11, 2006

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