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Rome Proposal Story

The Trip
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The Trip
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The Colosseum
The first fear appears again, Jill's father giving something away. The morning before the group is picked up to go to the airport Jill's Dad thinking no one is around says something to Logan asking if the ring was in his carry on, in his normally quiet voice that a def man can hear miles away. Luckily no one had heard and Logan grunted and moved as far as possible away from Jill's Dad.

Airport security was no match for the secret ring hiding place or they thought that a ring wasn't a threat to bring down an airplane. All Italian customs did was stamp everyone's passport. It wasn't long in Rome before
Logan felt the pickpocket stories were good to keep on his mind but weren't much trouble for people aware of the potential problem. The problem arises of how exactly to pop the question. The deed was almost done on the first night when Jill and Logan walked around St. Peter's Square alone but Jill wanted to go back to the hotel too quickly after their pictures were taken.

The tours of the Colosseum and Roman forums were scheduled for the third full day of tours. The first two days of tours ran long and tiresome where certain parts had to be rushed through due to time constraints of the itinerary. Plan B was created at this point of time. Plan B was to get Jill alone for a date. Jill thought that a date was a good idea but didn't want to commit to anything on the second day of tours thinking she might be tired that night. The first day of tours left everyone hot and tired. After some rest, Jill was ready for her and Logan's date. At first Jill just wanted to get some pizza on the street of the hotel but Logan convinced her that they should go to this place, Piazza Navona, where it had a bunch of restaurants and some fountains.

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