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Doctor Quotes

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Funny and Memorable Quotes
500 Funny and Memorable Quotes
Doctor Quotes are quotes about doctors. Doctors can be the source or butt of some funny lines, like in the TV shows Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, and House.

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Eric Dane (Dr. Mark Sloan): ... the most refined, professional, lady like doctor in this hospital came to my defense today ... best she could come up with was, he's a whore ... I am a whore ...
From Grey's Anatomy on May 8, 2008
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Steve Martin: ... first the doctor told me the good news ... I was going to have a disease named after me ...
From Unknown

Will Smith (Del Spooner): ... you're a shrink ... my ex wife would be glad I am talking to you ... you don't know her do you?
Bridget Moynahan (Susan Calvin): ... I'm sorry, are you being funny?
Will Smith: ... I guess not ...
From I, Robot
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Ray Romano (Ray Barone): ... would I go to see a pediatrist or a proctologist to remove a foot from my ass?
From Everybody Loves Raymond

David Letterman: ... [Donald Trump] I know your doctor, he is the best ear, nose, and wallet guy there is ...
From Late Show with David Letterman
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Ted Danson (Dr. John Becker): ... have you ever seen a psychiatrist?
Steven Wright (Boyd Crossman): ... well, it's hard to say, it's not like they walk around with big signs all day ...
From Becker

Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House): ... I became a doctor because of the movie Patch Adams ...
From House M.D.
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Allison Janney (Brenda MacGuff): ... doctors are sadists, who like to play God and see lesser people scream ...
From Juno
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Mitch Hedberg: ... I went to a doctor, all he did was suck blood from my neck, don't go see Dr Acula ...
From Mitch All Together
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Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey): ... I would like to offer my thoughts on Dr Sloan [to all of you nurses] ...
Eric Dane (Dr. Mark Sloan): ... you're doing great ...
Chandra Wilson: ... uh, this man is a whore, has always been a whore, will probably always be a whore, but that is not secret, he's not keeping it hidden, you all knew who he was before you got involved with him, and now you want to be all "woe is me, he's not calling me back, he's dating other women," he's nasty, but he's a doctor, here, and a pretty good one ... so let us all close our knees and get back to our jobs, so he can get back to his job, and help the people that really need it ...
From Grey's Anatomy on May 8, 2008
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Brian George (UN Secretary): ... now, Mr Evil ...
Mike Myers (Dr. Evil): ... Dr Evil, I didn't spend 6 years in evil medical school to become Mr, thank you very much ...
From Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
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Nicholas Turturro (Renaldo Pinera): ... I took my sister to the electrolysis for a second opinion, they said there is nothing they could do ...
From I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
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Robert Frost: Poets like Shakespeare knew more about psychiatry than any $25-an-hour man.
From 20,000 Quips & Quotes
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Ted Danson (Dr. John Becker): ... I happen to know one [a psychiatrist] and ah, I'm gonna give him a call, I think it will be very helpful for you to talk to him ...
Steven Wright (Boyd Crossman): ... well, I'll do what I can, but frankly I have problems of my own ...
From Becker

Howard Stern: ... what kind of doctor was he [Dr Martin Luther King, Jr], a gynecologist?
Robin Quivers: ... I believe he was a doctor of psychology ...
From Howard Stern Show on January 22, 2008
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Chris Farley (Tommy): ... where are we going to take the deer?
David Spade (Richard): ... I don't know, the vet?
Chris Farley: ... you take dead animals to the vet?
David Spade: ... why not, we take you to the vet ...
Chris Farley: ... yeah, I'll take you to the ...
David Spade: ... got that?
Chris Farley: ... shut up ...
From Tommy Boy
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Matt Damon (Will Hunting): ... hey, does this [hugging] violate the doctor patient relationship?
Robin Williams (Sean Maguire): ... only if you grab my ass ...
From Good Will Hunting
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Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey): ... you can go and tell Dr Grey that the clinic is not a dumping ground for strays, we are not the Isle of Broken Interns ...
From Grey's Anatomy on October 11, 2007

McDonalds Customer: ... nice parenting ...
Adam Sandler (Sonny Koufax): ... what are you my therapist, go take a walk ...
From Big Daddy
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Sandra Oh (Dr. Cristina Yang): ... you can't date a vet, he isn't even a real doctor ...
From Grey's Anatomy
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Katherine Heigl (Dr. Izzie Stevens): ... you are a doctor now, parental disappointment ends with a medical degree ...
From Grey's Anatomy on February 1, 2007
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Vince Vaughn: ... I am going to go home, see Dr. Finklestein, and I am gonna tell him we have a whole new bag of issues now ... we can forget about Mom for a while ...
From Wedding Crashers
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Rosanna Arquette (Constance Ferguson): ... don't worry, I only killed 3 people and none of them were doctors ...
From Grey's Anatomy
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Chris Farley (Tommy): ... did you hear I finally graduated?
David Spade (Richard): ... yeah, just a shade under a decade too, all right ...
Chris Farley (Tommy): ... you know a lot of people go to college for 7 years ...
David Spade (Richard): ... I know, they're called doctors ...
From Tommy Boy
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500 Funny and Memorable Quotes
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